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Motion to change your bond conditions or change a court date

Motion to change a no contact, stay away, or move out order

Motion to review the public defender denial
Motion to suppress or dismiss
(you would use this in response to a motion the Prosecutor filed)
(you would use this to reply to a Prosecution’s response)
Motion on a deferred imposition of sentence to withdraw your guilty plea (Prosecutor was involved in your case)
Motion on a deferred imposition of sentence to withdraw your guilty plea (Prosecutor was NOT involved in your case)
Motion to schedule a court date for you to appear by video
Supplemental Form



 FAQ Answers

What is a motion?

A motion is the name of the papers you file to ask the judge to make a ruling or take some other action.

What papers do I need?

  • Select the form that describes what you are asking the judge to do.
  • Fill out the form completely. 
  • Sign and date the form.

Do I need to tell the prosecutor?

Yes. Call the prosecutor at 406.222.6037 and ask if he agrees or disagrees with your motion.

What do I need to do for the judge to see my motion?

  • You file a motion with the court clerk.
  • You may mail the papers by regular mail or hand-deliver them to the prosecutor. 

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Fax:  (406) 222-6040
Website:  www.jmhesselaw.com

  • The prosecutor could file a response. A response is the name of the papers filed opposing a motion.
  • You may file a reply. A reply is the name of the papers you may file after a response. Often, people don’t file a reply.

When will the judge decide?

Sometimes, the judge will decide after reading your motion and the prosecutor’s response.

  • Sometimes, the judge will need more information and schedule a hearing.
  • The judge will send you a copy of the order scheduling your hearing.


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