City of Belgrade Subdivision Regulations


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  1. Intent
  2. Procedure and Submittal
  3. PUD Criteria

  1. Intent. The intent of this Section is to provide flexibility in certain of the Design and Improvement Standards. By using a Planned Unit Development (PUD) which clusters development, subdivisions may be planned so as to promote creativity in subdivision design; to provide economies in the supply of public services; to enhance and preserve open space and unique natural features; and to enable the planning of a tract for a single use or for a harmonious combination of uses, such as a mixture of residential and commercial.

  2. Procedure and Submittal. The requirements of these Regulations and Chapter 11.31 of the Belgrade Zoning Ordinance shall be followed, with the addition of the following information:

    1. Pre-application Plan:

      1. A layout plan showing the proposed location and use of lots and structures and the location and number of parking spaces, if appropriate.

      2. A description of measures to be taken to assure permanence and maintenance of open space and other facilities to be under common ownership.

      3. A description of all proposed waivers or modifications from the Design and Improvement Standards.

      4. Any additional, reasonable information.

    2. Preliminary Plat:

      1. A schedule showing the time when improvements required by these Regulations will be completed where a plan calls for a development time of 18 months or more for improvements.

      2. If common property is to be deeded to a property owner's association, the subdivider shall establish a property owner’s association and submit a draft of all covenants and legal documents which will govern the association.

      3. A description of all proposed waivers or modifications from the Design and Improvement Standards.

      4. Any additional information found to be necessary during Pre-application Plan review.

  3. PUD Criteria. The Council may establish or approve a PUD and waive or modify the Design and Improvement Standards for lots, blocks, roads, and parks if the following criteria are met or exceeded (see also Chapter 11.31 of the Belgrade Zoning Ordinance).

    1. General: The plan shall conform to the intended purposes of these Regulations, the special intent of this Section, and one or more of the following:

      1. Preserve to the maximum extent possible the natural characteristics of the land; including topography, vegetation, streams and other bodies of water.

      2. Preserve productive agricultural land.

      3. Protect important historic sites or structures or areas of important wildlife habitat.

      4. Provide economies in the provision of roads and public improvements.

    2. Site Size: The total site size, as measured by the boundary perimeter of the PUD, shall be appropriate to the proposed area and design.

    3. Open Space: Each PUD shall provide an area for dedicated park or common open space appropriate in size to the proposed development and design; however, such area shall not be less than the amount of land required to be dedicated under these Regulations for the area of the subdivision, exclusive of all other dedications.

    4. Landscaping: Landscaping may be required between building sites or on the PUD perimeter where the Council deems it necessary to provide buffer screening between different land uses.

    5. Parking Area: Adequate parking area shall be required for the proposed uses of the development, as determined appropriate by the Council.

      1. Collector roads designed to furnish access to adjacent areas are dedicated.

      2. Adequate responsibility for the improvement and maintenance of private roads is assumed by the property owners’ association.

      3. Road improvement specifications are met in compliance with these Regulations.

    6. Other Regulations: Where there are other ordinances or regulations which require compliance to PUD or other minimum standards, this Section does not authorize the Council to waive or modify such ordinances or regulations.