City of Belgrade Subdivision Regulations


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  1. General
  2. Procedure
  3. Plans and Data
  4. Standards for Mobile Home Parks and Recreational Vehicle Parks
  5. Standards for Condominiums

  1. General. Subdivisions created by rent or lease (e.g., mobile home parks) and condominiums are exempt from the survey requirements of these Regulations, but must be submitted for review and be approved before possession of any portion thereof may be conveyed in any manner.

  2. Procedure. The procedures as outlined in the Major Subdivision Section and Chapter 11.22 of the Belgrade Zoning Ordinance shall be followed except as follows:

    1. Final Approval Procedure:

      1. The subdivider shall submit an original and three copies of the plan, with required revisions, together with all signed certificates and documents as required.

      2. Before any portion of a rental or lease subdivision may be rented or leased the subdivider shall have installed all required improvements. Preliminary plans, profiles, tentative grades and specifications for proposed improvements shall be submitted to the Public Works Department for approval prior to the construction of improvements. The Council may provide for inspection of all required improvements in order to assure conformance with the approved construction plans and specifications.

      3. The Planning Department shall review the plan to ascertain that all conditions of preliminary approval have been met.

      4. The Council shall examine the plan within 30 days of the date of submission and shall approve it if it conforms to the conditions set forth on the preliminary plan and the terms of these Regulations. If approved, the Council shall so certify in a printed certificate on the plan and provide the subdivider with one copy thereof. The original shall be filed with the Public Works Department and one copy of the approved plan shall be retained in the planning department. If disapproved, the Council shall write the subdivider a letter stating the reasons therefor.

  3. Plans and Data. Plans and supplemental information required in these Regulations and Chapter 11.22 of the Belgrade Zoning Ordinance shall be submitted with the following exemptions and additions.

    1. Boundary Lines: All plans may show approximate boundary, lot, right-of-way, or other lines including the plan submitted for final approval.

    2. Documents and Certificates: Only the following documents and certificates shall be submitted with or shown on the preliminary plan (draft or copy) and the plan submitted for final approval (final form and signed).

      1. Covenants, restrictions, or lease and rental agreements.

      2. Encroachment permits or a letter indicating intent to issue a permit where new roads, easements, and other subdivision improvements intersect or are located within city, county, or state highways or roads.

      3. Certificates of Installation of Improvements by engineer.

      4. Certificate of the Council.

      5. A letter of approval from the Council where a zoning change is necessary (with plan for final approval only).

      6. Certificate of Approval by MDEQ (with plan for final approval only).
  4. Standards for Mobile Home Parks and Recreational Vehicle Parks.

    1. The Design and Improvement Standards of the Regulations of Chapter 11.22 of the Belgrade Zoning Ordinance shall be compiled with.

  5. Standards for Condominiums.

    1. Condominium developments shall meet the minimum standards of the MDEQ, adopted pursuant to sections 76-4-101 through 76-4-128, MCA.

    2. The Design and Improvement Standards of these Regulations shall be complied with except where noted below.

    3. Exemptions: Subdivision review and approval requirements shall not apply where:

      1. Condominium buildings are being constructed on land divided in compliance with the Act.

      2. An adopted zoning ordinance permits multiple family use of the density proposed in the plan for development.

    4. Unit Ownership Act: Condominium development shall comply with all provisions of the Unit Ownership Act, sections 70-23-102 through 70-23-703, MCA and all regulations adopted pursuant thereto.

    5. Other Requirements: The subdivider shall comply with all other standards and requirements of these Regulations and other local and state regulations, including the Belgrade Zoning Ordinance. Condominium applications shall show the proposed location of buildings, snow storage, parking, and internal access.