City of Belgrade Subdivision Regulations


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  1. General. When required, the following documents shall be submitted in draft form with the preliminary plat and signed and notarized with the final plat.

  2. Property Owner's Association. If common property is to be deeded to the property owners association or similar instrument, the covenants and restrictions set up to govern such an association shall include as a minimum:

    1. Membership: Automatic and mandatory membership for each property or unit buyer and any subsequent buyer.

    2. Perpetual Reservation: Perpetual reservation and limited use of common property.

    3. Right to Use: The right of each property or unit owner to use and enjoyment of any common property or facility.

    4. Responsibility: Responsibility for liability insurance, any applicable tax assessments and the maintenance of any common property or facilities to be placed in the association.

    5. Assessments: Assessments which require each property or unit owner to pay a pro rata share of the cost of any common expenses, with any assessment charged by the association becoming a lien where necessary on individual parcels. Safeguards against unreasonably high charges and provision to adjust assessments may be provided.