City of Belgrade Subdivision Regulations


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  1. Uniform Standards for Monumentation and Filing Requirements. The following standards shall govern monumentation of land surveys:

    1. All permanent control monuments or monuments set to control or mark the boundaries of any division shall be of not less than one-half inch (1/2") diameter by twenty four inches (24") in length with a cap of not less than one and one-quarter inch (1 1/4") diameter marked in a permanent manner with the name and/or registration number of the registered land surveyor in charge of the survey. A cap of the above dimensions may be set firmly in concrete.

    2. Prior to the filing of any subdivision plat or certificate of survey or record the land surveyor shall confirm the location of sufficient monuments to reasonably assure the perpetuation or re-establishment of any corner or boundary or retracement of the survey. The surveyor shall clearly identify on the face of the plat or certificate of survey all monuments used in the survey, and the descriptions shall be sufficient to identify the monuments without reference to another record of survey.

    3. All monuments must be set prior to the filing of a plat or certificate of survey except those monuments which will be disturbed by the installation of improvements. Such monuments may be set subsequent to filing if the surveyor certifies that they will be set before a specified date.

    4. The plat or certificate shall clearly show the relationship of all adjacent monuments of record and the relationship of the monuments of record to monuments set after filing.

    5. Monuments not less than three-eights inch (3/8") in diameter and eighteen inches (18") in length and marked with the name and/or registration number of the registered land surveyor in charge of the survey shall be set at the following locations:

      1. At each corner and angle point of all lots, blocks or parcels of land created.

      2. At every point of intersection of the outer boundary of the subdivision with an existing or created right-of-way line.

      3. At every point of curve, point of tangency, point of reversed curve, or point of compounded curve on each right-of-way line established.

    6. When the placement of a required monument at its proper location is impractical, the surveyor may set a reference monument near that point. Such a reference monument has the same status as other monuments of record if its location is properly shown. Where any point requiring monumentation has been previously monumented, the location of the existing monument shall be confirmed by the land surveyor if used, and if so confirmed shall likewise be considered a monument or record when properly shown and described on the certificate or plat filed.

    7. If the land surveyor uses any previously established monument, he must confirm the location of the monument. If properly confirmed and shown and described on the filed certificate or plat, such a monument shall be considered a monument of record.