Chapter 11.06 : R-S Residential Suburban District


11.06.010 Intent
11.06.020 Permitted Uses
11.06.030 Lot Area and Width
11.06.040 Lot Coverage and Floor Area
11.06.050 Yards
11.06.060 Building Height
11.06.070 Off-Street Parking
11.06.080 Animal Enclosures-Setbacks
11.06.090 Permitted Conditional Uses.

11.06.010 Intent. The intent of this district is to provide for reasonable single-family development in areas not served by central sewer and water or areas with physical limitations.

11.06.020 Permitted Uses.

  1. Accessory Uses
  2. Agricultural uses (subject to subsection 11.06.080).
  3. Barns and animal shelters
  4. Commercial Kennel
  5. Conditional uses provided in Section 11.06.090 of this Ordinance and subject to the provisions as prescribed
  6. Family Day Care Home
  7. Private and Public Child Care Facilities
  8. Private and Public Group Day Care Home
  9. Home occupations
  10. Newly constructed one-family dwellings
  11. Open Space
  12. Temporary buildings for and during construction only
  13. The keeping of animals and fowl for family food production and the keeping of horses for private use, together with their dependent young, as hereinafter set forth per 2 1/2 acres.

    One horse, or one cow, or two sheep, or two hogs, or two goats, or ten rabbits, or 26 fowl (chickens, pheasants, pigeons, etc.), or combinations thereof.

11.06.030 Lot Area and Width. Lot area for this district shall be determined by existing soil conditions, groundwater conditions and other limitations for urban development. Under no circumstances, except as provided in Chapters 11.26 and 11.28 of this code, shall the lot area be less than one acre with a lot width not less than 150 feet.

11.06.040 Lot Coverage and Floor Area. Not more than 15 percent of the lot area shall be occupied by the principal and accessory buildings. Each dwelling unit shall have a minimum of 1,000 square feet of floor area.

11.06.050 Yards. Every lot shall have the following minimum yards:

Front Yard 35 feet
Rear Yard 25 feet
Side Yards 25 feet each side.

11.06.060 Building Height. Maximum building height in this district shall be 32 feet.

11.06.070 Off-Street Parking. Two off-street parking spaces shall be provided for each dwelling unit. Residential off-street parking spaces and access areas shall be constructed to a minimum standard of at least a 3 inch depth of 1 1/2 to 2 inch minus road mix. Off-street parking for non residential uses shall be provided as specified in Chapter 11.24 of this code.

11.06.080 Animal Enclosures-Setbacks. Except for pastures, any stable, barn, hutch, pen, shed, or other such structure built to enclose or house animals or fowl shall be not less than 100 feet form any structure used for human occupancy, and shall be set back not less than 50 feet from any property line.

11.06.090 Permitted Conditional Uses. The following uses may be permitted as conditional uses in the RS-Residential Suburban District:

  1. Churches
  2. Country Clubs
  3. Golf Courses
  4. Private and Public Schools, Elementary
  5. Private and Public Schools, Junior High
  6. Private and Public Schools, High
  7. Private and Public Parks
  8. Private and Public Playgrounds
  9. Private and Public Trade or Technical Schools
  10. Private and Public Universities and Colleges
  11. Recreational Vehicle Parks
  12. Relocated One-family Dwelling Units.
  13. Veterinary Clinics