Chapter 11.10 : R-2-M Residential-Single Family and Manufactured Homes


11.10.010 Intent
11.10.020 Permitted Uses
11.10.030 Lot Area and Width
11.10.040 Lot Coverage and Floor Area
11.10.050 Yards
11.10.060 Building Height
11.10.070 Off-Street Parking
11.10.080 Off-Street Loading
11.10.090 Manufactured Home Installation Standards
11.10.100 Permitted Conditional Uses.

11.10.010 Intent. The intent of this district is to provide for medium density single-family residential development, including manufactured homes, and to provide for such community facilities and services as will serve the area's residents while protecting the residential character and quality of the area.

11.10.020 Permitted Uses.

1). Accessory uses.
2). Conditional uses provided in Section 11.10.100 of this Ordinance and subject to the provisions as prescribed.
3). Family Day Care Home.
4). Newly Constructed One-family dwellings.
5). Manufactured Homes, subject to the following restrictions:

(a). Manufactured homes shall have a minimum width of not less than 14 feet.
(b). Manufactured homes shall have a minimum roof pitch of not less than a 3 foot rise for each 12 feet of horizontal run.
(c). Manufactured homes shall have a roof constructed of non-metallic materials.
(d). Manufactured homes shall have the wheels and tongue removed or camouflaged to the extent that they are not exposed.

6). Open Space.
7). Temporary buildings for and during construction only.
8). Private and Public Child Care facilities.
9). Private and Public Day Care Homes.

11.10.030 Lot Area and Width. Lot area for this area for any use in this district shall be no less than 7,500 square feet and no lot width shall be less than 60 feet.
**updated by ORD. 97-9

11.10.040 Lot Coverage and Floor Area. Not more than 30 percent of the lot area shall be occupied by the principal and accessory buildings. Each newly constructed dwelling, and each manufactured home shall have a minimum of 700 square feet of floor area. **updated by ORD. 96-2**

11.10.050 Yards. Every lot shall have the following minimum yards:

Front Yard 25 feet
Rear Yard, principal structure 20 feet
Rear Yard, accessory uses 10 feet
Side Yards 8 feet each side.

11.10.060 Building Height. Maximum building height in this district shall be 24 feet.

11.10.070 Off-Street Parking. Two off-street parking spaces shall be provided for each dwelling unit. Off-street parking for non-residential uses shall be provided as specified in Chapter 11.24 of this code.

11.10.080 Off-Street Loading. One off-street loading berth, as specified in Chapter 11.25 of this code, shall be required for each nonresidential building of over 10,000 square feet of floor area.

11.10.090 Manufactured Home Installation Standards. Manufactured home will be installed as per the requirements set forth in Chapter 11.22.

11.10.090 Permitted Conditional Uses. The following uses may be permitted as conditional uses in the R-2-M Residential- Single-Family and Manufactured Homes:

1). Churches
2). Country Clubs
3). Golf Courses
4). Home Occupations
5). Libraries
6). Private and Public Schools, Elementary
7). Private and Public Schools, Junior High
8). Private and Public Schools, High
9). Private and Public Parks
10). Private and Public Playgrounds
11). Private and Public Universities and Colleges
12). Bed and Breakfast Inn
13). Relocated One-family Dwelling Unit