Chapter 11.14 : B-2 Highway Business District


11.14.010 Intent
11.14.020 Permitted Uses
11.14.030 Lot Area and Width
11.14.040 Lot Coverage
11.14.050 Yards
11.14.060 Building Height
11.14.070 Off-Street Parking
11.14.080 Off-Street Loading
11.14.090 Permitted Conditional Uses.

11.14.010 Intent. The intent of this district is to provide for a broad range of retail and service functions especially those needing orientation to major thoroughfares.

11.14.010 Permitted Uses.

1). Accessory uses
2). Antique Shops
3). Art and Music supply shops
4). Barber and beauty shops
5). Bars, taverns, and cocktail lounges
6). Bowling alleys
7). Car washes
8). Clinic
9). Conditional uses as provided in Section 11.14.090 of this ordinance and subject to conditions and requirements prescribed.
10). Equipment sales and services
11). Food and drug stores
12). Frozen food storage and locker rental
13). Furniture stores
14). Gasoline service stations
15). Hotels and motels
16). Hospitals
17). Laundries and dry cleaning establishments
18). Liquor stores
19). Mortuaries
20). Newspaper Office
21). Nursing Homes
22). Open Space
23). Post Offices
24). Printing shops
25). Professional and business offices
26). Public Buildings and uses
27). Research and development institutions
28). Restaurants, cafes, and drive-in eating establishments
29). Shopping centers
30). Signs
31). Sporting goods stores
32). Temporary buildings for and during construction only
33). Theaters
34). Uses customarily accessory to those listed
35). Vehicle and boat sales, showrooms and service areas
36). Veterinary clinics-small animal hospitals

11.14.030 Lot Area and Width. Lot area for this district shall not be less than 7,500 square feet and no lot width shall be less than 74 feet.

11.14.040 Lot Coverage. The entire lot, exclusive of required yards and parking, may be occupied by the principal and accessory buildings.

11.14.050 Yards. Every lot shall have the following minimum yards:

Front Yard 25 feet
Rear Yard 10 feet
Side Yards 8 feet each side.

Where an individual owns two adjoining lots or where the owners of two adjoining lots make legal written agreement, a zero lot line may be used for commercial buildings in the B-2 zone, but only so as to create a zero lot line on one side of any lot.

11.14.060 Building Height. Maximum building height in this district shall be 32 ft.

11.14.070 Off-Street Parking. Off-street parking shall be provided in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 11.24 of this code.

11.14.080 Off-Street Loading. Off-street loading shall be provided in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 11.25 of this code.

11.14.090 Permitted Conditional Uses.
The following uses may be permitted as conditional uses in the B-2 Highway Business District:

1). Amusement and recreational activities
2). Caretaker's residence
3). Churches (Limited to 6 months)
4). Recreational vehicle parks
5). Retail uses in addition to those permitted uses listed
6). Wholesale distributors with on premise retail outlets, provided warehousing is limited to commodities which are sold on premises.
7). Towers for wireless communications (see Chapter 11.20.040)