Chapter 11.19 : T-Transitional District


11.19.010 Intent
11.19.020 Application
11.19.030 Permitted Uses
11.19.040 Standards
11.19.050 Specific Standards

11.19.010 Intent. It is the intent of this district to create additional safeguards and/or buffers in areas where two, perhaps conflicting, uses or districts join, i.e., as uses near the airport, or where an area is in transition from one major use to another, i.e., residential to commercial.

11,19.020 Permitted Uses. Any permitted use in the district to which the T District is applied is a permitted use in the T District unless specifically prohibited by the T standards for the district. Nonetheless, all permitted uses are subject to direct review and approval of provisions and requirements of this code. In granting or denying a proposed use and in establishing conditions for said use, the City Council shall be governed by the specific standards adopted in this chapter creating the T District and made a part of this section as well as the general standards provided for in this code.

11.19.030 Standards. Creation of a T district shall be through action of the City Council. Said a creation may be upon recommendation of the Planning Board and shall include specific development standards and may include performance standards. The T District shall be adopted concurrently. Such specific standards may provide for:

1). Receiving a conditional use permit as provided in Chapter 11.21 of this code.

2). Prohibiting certain uses.

3). Prohibiting certain structures.

4). Reduced building height.

5). Special setbacks, yards, open spaces, and buffers.

6). Fences and walls.

7). Regulations of lighting.

8). Regulation of vehicular ingress and egress.

9). Regulation of signs.

10). Regulation of time and certain activities.

11). Landscaping and maintenance thereof.

12). Time schedule of proposed development.

13). Regulations of odors, smoke, dust, airborne particle, vibration, glare, heat, and noise.

14). Such other reasonable conditions to protect surrounding areas and provide for orderly compatible development.

11.19.050 Specific Standards. The following are specific standards of Transitional (T) Districts as indicated on the Official Zoning Map. Numbers listing the specific standard correlate with numbers on the zoning map. These specific standards do not replace or nullify any standard prescribed within any part of this code, nor do they prohibit other requirements as allowed by Chapter 11.19 of this code.