Chapter 11.25 : Off-Street Loading


11.25.010 Intent
11.25.020 Standards
11.25.030 Berths Required

11.25.010 Intent. The intent of this chapter is to reduce traffic hazards and congestion by providing off-street loading berths on the same lot as the building to be served by deliveries of goods without adverse effects on adjacent properties.

11.25.020 Standards.

1). Off-street loading berths shall be provided on the same lot as the use it serves and shall not occupy the front yard.

2). No loading berth shall be located closer to a residential zoned lot than 50 feet unless enclosed by a wall or solid fence, not less than six feet in height.

3). Each loading berth shall be designed with access to a public street or alley and so designed as not to interfere with normal traffic movement.

4). Each berth shall be at least 12 feet by 35 feet in size with a height clearance of 18 feet.

5). Loading berths shall not be considered as off-street parking spaces.

6). All or part of the required loading berths may be within buildings.

11.25.030 Berths Required. Off-street loading berths shall be provided in accordance with the following schedule. If more than one use is combined in one building, the number of berths can be reduced as determined by the Building Inspector. Where uses are not specifically mentioned, the number of berths shall be determined by the Building Inspector using as a guide the most similar use listed below.

Downtown buildings without off-street loading berths may be changed from one permitted use to another permitted use without compliance of this section.

Multiple Dwellings with over 16 units and more than three floors ----------- 1

Schools, Auditoriums, Meeting Halls Over 20,000 1
50,000-150,000 1
150,000-300,000 2
Each Additional 300,000 1

Department Stores, and Other Retail Shops, Restaurants, Funeral Homes 7,000-14,000 1
14,000-40,000 2
40,000-80,000 3
Each Additional 50,000 1

Hospitals, Clinics, Jails 10,000-100,000 1
Each Additional 250,000 1
Hotel or Office Building 25,000-40,000 1
40,000-100,000 2
Each Additional 100,000 1

Industrial Plant, Manufacturing, or Wholesale Establishment 10,000-40,000 1
40,000-65,000 2
65,000-100,000 3
Each Additional 50,000 1