Chapter 11.34 : R-2-D Residential One and Two Family


11.34.010 Intent
11.34.020 Permitted Uses
11.34.030 Lot Area and Width
11.34.040 Lot Coverage and Floor Area
11.34.050 Yards
11.34.060 Building Height
11.34.070 Off-Street Parking
11.34.090 Permitted Conditional Use

11.34.010 INTENT. The intent of the R-2-D district is to provide for the one and two family residential development of a medium density within the City of Belgrade in areas that present few or no development problems, and for neighborhood facilities to serve such development while preserving the residential quality and nature of the area.

11.34.020 PERMITTED USES. Permitted uses in the R-2D district are as follows:

Principal Uses

Newly constructed one-family dwellings
Newly constructed two family dwellings
Community residential facilities
Family day care home
Group day care home
Group homes
Public parks


Guest house (Limited to Two dwellings per parcel)
Home occupations
Private garage
Private of jointly owned community center recreational facilities, pools, tennis courts, and spas
Temporary buildings and yards incidental to construction work
Tool sheds for storage of domestic supplies
Other buildings and structures typically accessory to
residential uses

11.34.030 LOT AREA AND WIDTH In the R-2-D district, minimum lot area for one and two family units shall be seven thousand (7,000) square feet with a minimum lot width of fifty (50) feet.

11.34.040 LOT COVERAGE AND FLOOR AREA In the R-2-D district, not more than forty percent (40%) of the lot shall be occupied by the principal and accessory buildings. The average floor area of all dwelling units in a structure have a minimum of six hundred (600) square feet.

11.34.050 YARDS Every lot in a R-2-D district shall have the following minimum yards:

Front yard 25 feet
Rear yard 20 feet
Side yard 8 feet each side

11.34.060 BUILDING HEIGHT Maximum building height in the R-2-D district shall be twenty-four (24) feet.

11.34.070 OFF-STREET PARKING Off-street parking for residential uses shall be provided as specified in Chapter 11.24 of this code.


Conditional Uses

Day Care Centers
Golf Courses
Lodging Houses (Bed and Breakfast)
Temporary Sales and Office Buildings
Any use approved as part of a planned unit development
subject to the provisions of Chapter 11.31 of this code.